Rupert Taylor, aka XXXY started his journey in Manchester and then moved to Berlin after spending some time in London. In 2011, his song called “You Always Start It” was out with Ten Thousand Yen label and with this song XXXY gets the attention he needs. Now, he is associated with the most talented producers of European scene after Red Bull Music Acedemy in Madrid. On 13th and 14th of February he has performed in İzmir and Ankara and replied all things we wonder about!

First of all, Taylor thanks for giving the time out to answer our questions. Can you tell us a few words about you, your background and your career?

I am from Manchester but now based in Berlin I started producing electronic music about 9 years ago and have been releasing records and touring regularly for the last 5 years.

How did you get into electronic music scene? Can you tell us something about that?

I used to go to clubs in Manchester when I was a student, nights like Electric Chair, Mr Scruff’s night at the music box and Tribal Sessions at Sankeys. As well as big Drum and Bass nights

Have you found that your taste in music has changed quite dramatically over the years?

I used to be very into indie music when I was a young teenager and wasn’t so into electronic music until I was a bit older, I now think that my tastes are quite varied. I buy everything from jazz through to experimental electronic music

If we would walk into your studio, what would we see? Do you have any favorite piece of equipment you can’t do without?

My studio contains 2 Roland Poly synths (Juno 60 and JX3P) a moog minitaur, a TR707, an iMac and some guitar pedals. I also have my turntables and my records in the studio as well. The Juno is my favourite synth it was the first piece of outboard gear that I bought and don’t think I could sell it.

You were participant at Red Bull Music Academy Madrid in 2011. Since then, what has changed in your music career?

Since RBMA in Madrid I have been fortunate to see parts of the world I never thought that I would see because of my music, my sound has changed a little and I have moved from London to Berlin

Tell us a bit about Rinse Recordings?

Rinse is the record label run in conjunction with the radio station Rinse FM which is probably the leading underground radio station in the world. They are very supportive of my work and allow me some freedom with regard to releases.

Looking at the summer just gone, obviously you have played some big festivals and some big shows. Are there any particular moments that have stood out for you?

I think playing at Electrik Picnic in Barcelona was my stand out moment. I was playing back to back with Paul Woolford and there were people as far as you could see and a really amazing vibe

Any record you listen.. What should be the specialities in it to get your attention and make you think it is valuable?

I have been listening to Sebastian Mullaert and Eitan Reiter “reflections of nothingness” a lot recently; it is mainly an ambient experimental album which has some house and techno elements. I don’t think there are any special qualities a record needs to get my attention aside from being unique.

What is your plans from 2015? Will there be more EPs and remixes? Can you already tell something?

I am releasing at least 2 new eps on Rinse and there are some remixes which will be released later this year but the details are still being sorted out so no further details.

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