Following the gig thrilling us to bits that they had at Kloster back in February, Stavroz answered our questions about their career and music. Started in Belgium and gained an international success in time, the duo create a unique beauty in their tracks, making us see the house music from a different aspect. Stavroz actually shows a constant success since the year of 2013 although they are known in Turkey since the last summer. Supported by triumphant names like Stimming, their numerous tracks keep their place in dance clubs’ playlists.

Firstly, thanks for accepting this interview, we would like to know how you defind your music because a lot of people describe your music as “jazz house” or “swing house”, so is it similar with your approach?

It’s always hard to define a genre, you could call it jazzy at times, but we just wanted to make music that you can dance to and use the hypnotizing repetitiveness that you hear in minimal techno, combined with real acoustic instruments to bring drama and atmosphere. Those real instruments aren’t necessarily a must for us, we want to be able to bring the stavroz vibe even with only electronic elements for example.

What does “Stavroz” mean? How did you decide on this name and how/when this awesome band start to gather up? Who/what were your musical inspirations at the beginning?

The name stavroz started out as a joke, we wanted people to think that stavroz is some greek guy who happens to be into balkan music. So we did some balkan inspired house music, there’s lots of energy in this music, which makes it very rewarding to work with. We didn’t really have certain artists that we were inspired by, this allowed us to make something unique at that point.

Did you gain any support from your hometown when you first published a track?

Our hometown has been a fan for quite some time, but when we started to play live, that’s when people really started following us. We’ve always been more succesful abroad than in Belgium though.

Normally it is known that your fans are generally from Belgium and Germany, according to you, how was the audience when you had a gig in Istanbul?

We were a bit surprised to see that we had so many fans in Turkey. So we didn’t know what to expect when we did our first gig. Luckily they understand what we bring and the night always turns out memorable. We had some great adventures already in Turkey, so we always love coming back, expecting the unexpected.

In Turkey, you started to be known with your track “The Finishing” and it gained a huge success, which is your favourite?

We don’t really have a favourite track of our own, it always changes as we keep making music. Our favourite track right now is probably one of the tracks that is coming out in april on our own Moodfamily label. We do love the finishing, but we didn’t expect it to have such a big impact, it will always remain one of our classic tracks.

And lastly, could you tell us about your plans for 2015?

As i mentioned before, our EP is almost out on moodfamily, we’re also planning to release a remix for talal & zoi, and we’re returning to Turkey at the end of May, but also possibly during the summer. There’s also a release planned in June, but that’s still a surprise…

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