Dj/producer from Berlin, Re.You has started producing music in very early age. His Works has the label of the most important record companies Kompakt, Moon Harbour and Keinemusik. He has won Young Basketball championship 2 times but because of his injury he stop his sport life and started music. Now, he is working with Mobilee Records and for the celebration of 10th year he will be in Kloster with the organisation of RAW. Before his performance, he told us what we wonder.

First of all, Marius thanks for giving the time out to answer our questions. Can you tell us a few words about you, your background and your career?

I’m a DJ & Producer based in Berlin and have already worked with labels such as Cocoon, Saved, Moon Harbour and Kompakt. I’m a part of the Mobilee Records family for three years now and a close friend of the Keinemusik Crew. I also have a live project with Rampa which is called RAR. After High School I worked for a film company as a film editor and motion graphics designer. I started producing almost ten years ago and at one point I just decided to focus fully on the music.

How did you get into electronic music scene? Can you tell us about that?

I always had a huge passion for music. I bought my first vinyl at the age of 13 – “Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr”. As a teenager I played basketball on a even high level – won the German Youth Championship twice – but after a knee injury which stopped me playing, my passion to music grew and I started experimenting with sounds.

If we would walk into your studio, what would we see? Do you have any favorite piece of equipment you can’t do without?

First you would see my iMac, two EVEaudio sc307 Speakers, two Dynaudio bm6a mk2 Monitors and a RME Audiointerface. Furthermore I have some more analog gear – for example my little Moog Minitaur beast, a MFB Tanzbär drumcomputer or an Elektron Analog 4 synthesizer. I also have a modification of the DD7 Delay from my friends from Keinemusik which I use quite often.

When you are producing in the studio, how do you translate these inspirations into your music?

Well, I listen quite a lot to different genres and like to gather ideas when traveling. I always have my laptop with me to produce. So If I have some new ideas on my mind, I try to capture it and go to the studio to finish my layouts.

Tell us a bit about Mobilee Records?

They’re celebrating their 10th year anniversary.Mobilee has been releasing constantly quality music for the past 10 years now which is really impressive. I’m proud to be part of such a great label. Let’s go for the next 10!

You’ve performed in lots of countries, but surely one of them is your best. Where is the best place you have played and what makes it so special?

There are so many and it also depends on the crowd, the sound and on the feeling. I don’t like to pick just one specific but if I have to choose one club that I totally love – it’s MYSTIK in Seoul! It’s a super small and intimate place with perfect sound.

Tell us about Mobilee Back To Back Vol.9 you have just completed for the label for – first a little bit about the compilation and secondly about your approach for people less familiar?

The first half of my B2B compilation contains a “Best Of” from the past year of mobilee. I chose the final 20 tracks from a big pool of favourites together with Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann. CD2 was quite tough as it has no boundaries. Mobilee gives the artist the opportunity to do whatever you want to. You could do a collaboration mini album like Ray Okpara did it or remix some mobilee classics like Rodriguez Jr. did two years ago. I chose to create two 30 minute tracks with parts of past mobilee releases. For example a vocal from an Anja Schneider release, a synth line from Rodriguez Jr. , a pad from Lee Van Dowski, a synth from Sebo K and then I rebuilt these elements in my own distinct style during two jamsessions in the studio.

Can you tell us a bit about your plans for the forthcoming 2015? Are there any new EPs or albums in the schedule?

I just signed an EP on Kompakt and on Mathias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour Records which makes me very happy. I also did a remix for Butch which is coming in early summer and together with Rampa I’m working on another aRARthing vinyl only release.

Istanbul is a unique city, which provides so much inspiration for many artists. What do you think about Istanbul? Do you know any Turkish producer/dj?

I really love Istanbul, it’s such a great place. The food and the nightlife is impressive. The people are quite similar to Berlin – open-minded and laid-back. Actually I know a lot of half turkish half german djs. For example for my latest release on mobilee I worked together with Ninetoes on a track called Union.

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