Half Chilean and half Dutch Ramon Tapia was brought into the electronic music scene by his sisters. He is now one of the leading names on dance floors with his unique music style that wonders between tech house and techno and he always prefers to go after music he is passionate about. Ramon Tapia answered our questions as a DJ, Producer and a label owner right before his concert at RAW Istanbul.

Can you tell us a few words about you, your background and your career?

Half Chileno Half Ducth… My sisters actually introduced me into electronic music in the late 80’s with tapes from the underground clubs of that time with New Beat and the early days of house. I studied for goldsmith and Diamond Cutter which i worked in for a while but afterwards i started to persue my passion making and playing music and i got my break thru some years after that. So in a nutshell this should be it ahahahaha

How did you get into the electronic music scene?

After my sisters made me listen to all their tapes back in the days. It always got stuck in my head so vie always been a electronic music lover but i think its really got to appoint when i started to study this changed a lot. But i always had a drive to do something with it from an early age. When i said i wanna be a dj lots of people laughed. They don’t laugh anymore now  hahahahha

When I evaluate all your songs, it’s like voice diary. It should include some points that change your music. Can you say something about that points?

Well everybody becomes older and people do change… for me thats not any different. I wanted some fresh breeze in my life and changing my music did exactly that. But still i ride the wave of my own feelings so you never know what kinda music ill be making in the next 20 years hahahaha maybe ill make pop or maybe i make music on the street with a guitar. Who cares anyhow as long as im happy with what im doing that most important to me.

How would you describe the music you make – what’s your signature “sound”?

I think its hard to explain your own sound haha but my sound goes from house to techno and back. As i love grooves but i also love nasty sounds. So for me its kind weird to explain my own sound… I just do what i think is cool on the moment i start working in my studio. So everything can happen… making music is not about my sound it about me having fun in composing something that i believe is cool enough to play out.

If we would walk into your studio, what would we see? Do you have any favorite piece of equipment you can’t do without?

First of all you would see my cat,hahaha. Second of all, you would see my mini korg which i use as a midid keyboard… Then you will see my Eventide fx processor that last one is a Gem to have in the studio… just to put sounds thru it and make them sound totally different.

Love this piece of machinery. Its old and makes noise but thats just the beauty of it.

Any record you listen.. What should be the specialities in it to get your attention and make you think it is valuable?

The Groove is for sure my first attention grabber if this is not there then i don’t even bother listing further as this makes the track… Second of all the whole track should have a vibe… hard to explain but it should have a certain element that says directly yep gonna play this. And Last but not least the sound of it all should be solid … if the mixdown isn’t good then i wont play it either or lets say less than records that sound perfect.

According to some research, vinly sales has reached the higgest number in recent years. What do you think about future of vinly?

Vinyl is coming back very fast and i think its a good thing in the world full of digital sounds. It still is something physical that you can have in your hands and  playing  vinyl still gives you a different feeling than just playing with Usb… Especially the old ones that you almost cant find anymore … is something awesome as people go like wooooow he has this or that record… Tracks like that make you standout of the vast majority of dh’s all over the world.

You’ve peformed in lots of countries, but surely one of them is your best. Where is the best place you have played and what makes it so special?

There are so many country’s that are amazing they all have something special and all in a different way… The people make the party not the country… So to be honest this is a  i will never be able to answer… I love djing even if its for a crowd of 30 people. if the party is on the party is on.

Istanbul is a unique city which provides so much inspiration for many artists. What do you think about Istanbul?Do you know any Turkish producer/dj?

Butch is Turkish but he doesn’t live in turkey and SIS too hahaha to be honest i dot know any other than him or at least that i know of …. maybe there are some dj friends that are

What’s next for you?

Lots of new releases coming up on Dj Sneaks Im arouse Gangster label and ofcourse on my own Imprints Say What? Recordings and Aella Music. I just recently finished around 10 tracks which i’m going to send out so expect the unexpected i can be anywhere with my music, hahahaha

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