1- How about we start off your background. Who is all behind the Pan-Pot project? How did you start making music together?

Tassilo: It all started ten years ago when Thomas and I met at the SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Berlin. In our class we were the only ones, who were really interested into Techno so we instantly started to spend a lot of time in the studio together.  When we had our first tracks finished and were about to play some gigs, we had to come up with a name and as we were in the studio thinking about it we came up with a short version of Panorama Potentiometer (short Pan-Pot).  
Our first releases were with Einmaleins Music but we also met Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann at a very early stage of Mobilee Records so one of our first releases was on that label. It was also mobilee’s second release and where it really started to take of.  

2- You have relation everything into Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House and Minimal. We can listen to all those genres in your live set. Which genres do you like the most?

Thomas: We like a variety of music and most of our sets are different depending on where we play. A daytime beach set for example will be more Tech-House while a festival or club gig will be more banging Techno. It also depends on at what time we play at a club.  
With our X-Tour right now we play were long sets so we really like to show everything form Tech-House to Techno. 

3- When I evaluate all your songs, it’s like voice diary. It should include some points that change your music. Can you say something about that?

Tassilo: There are so many things that influence us and we like to keep a variety of music. There is not really a point that made us change our sound but it more a constant development where we try to produce any sound between Tech-House and Techno.  It’s also, as said before, that we like to play a variety of sounds.

4- You released your debut album, Pan-O-Rama in 2007. Especially ”Charly” became much popular. After that, ”Confronted” and ”Captain my Captain” demonstrated your production style very well. What was the inspiration for these tracts?

Tassilo: These are always “moments” we have in the studio. Inspired by the people we work with, no matter if vocalists or any other kind of musical idea giver. For all three tracks we had an idea of the of the groove or hook-line direction, but also all three tracks developed around the vocals.

5- I was in SomeMondSterne X7 on this summer. It was a great performance. There was a very special atmosphere there, while you were performing on stage. Last month, you put music 6 hours at Stereo Club in Montreal. How was your feeling at the end of the performance?

Tassilo: Thanks a lot, SMS was great fun! The stage we play on was simply amazing, like a big amphi theatre filled with music hungry people. We really enjoyed the vibe and atmosphere there and hope to back asap.

Thomas: Stereo Montreal was amazing. We played for over 6 hours with a packed club but maybe could have went on longer. When you play that long sets you start to be in your own world and can really go on a journey with everybody in the club. Thats why we like to play long sets. 🙂 

6- Berlin is a very unique city which provides so much inspiration for many artists. I think there is a great social system in Berlin. Istanbul is one of those special cities. What do you think about Istanbul?

Thomas: you are right, Berlin is very inspiring at the moment with a great and viral scene. Unfortunately we have not been in Istanbul too often but have heard great things. So we are very much looking forward to play there this weekend at the new club, ON Istanbul. Can’t wait to check to out and hopefully we will also have bit of time to also take a look at the city.
Only have heard great things about Istanbul! Of course only one day is not enough to really check it out but we are very exited, also be cause it is one of our 10 years X-Tour dates.

7- You are in the 10th anniversary tour. Do you still want to do this on your 20th year? What’s your feeling about your musical career?

Tassilo: Yes definitively we want to do this another 10 years and longer! And if our career keeps on going as it does we can be very grateful. 
We will do this job as long as we can and people want to party with us! 🙂

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