The number of the unique musical projects always increases as we get closer to the North. This same with the North Germany where electronic is very familiar with music. With the electronic music producers we know from Hamburg, you can make a party which lasts a week. Oliver Huntemann is one of them.

In mid 90’s, Huntemann has opened the curtain of electronic music and found himself in the stage as one of the lead actors. In addition to his four albums, there are so many singles, remixes and EPs. At the end of the June, we will meet with his “Schwarzlicht & Filmriss” named EP and also the German producer will be at Çeşme Karantina with a Subfloor production. But just before everything, we host him as a ‘NNASSER x ?’ guest.

We kind of met each other before but it is another story. We are going to get there later. Before beginning our very Q&A session I have to warn you: This is not conventional session. All the interview questions are designed to be out of your electronic music career.

You have recently played at Ankara (at Kite) but Huntemann x NNASSER’s target location is Istanbul. So I’ll omit your Ankara gig in the following questions.


1st Part: Istanbul

You had gigs in Istanbul in 2014, 2013 and 2012. Would you tell me about the best, the worst and the weirdest things you had experienced in Istanbul?

It’s great to see how the scene in Turkey and especially in Istanbul grows year by year. My annual gig at Indigo is always one of my favorite of the year. I love the vibe of the Turkish crowd. They are deep into the music and into dancing. Weird in Istanbul…is definitely the traffic – oh my gosh – and it’s also the worst.

You and me, we had a brief moment at Indigo in 2014 gig. I was in the first row, just in front of you. You were spinning amazing techno sounds. And I had an impulsive desire to have some Gesaffelstein in my ears. So I typed, “Would you play some Gesaffelstein?” on my phone and showed you the screen. You replied, “I don’t know.” or “I don’t have.” It was too noisy so I couldn’t hear exactly. Which was it (if you remember)? For both answer, did you really do not know him or have his tracks? Or did you just not want to?

The thing in this special case was that I really like Gesaffelstein but I usually don’t play his stuff, as it doesn’t fit into my set. So I must have said ‘I don’t have it’. You can imagine I have my own vision of my set in mind and there is not much space for wishes of other people. Only I know in which direction I want to go and when I want to set the peaks. If I would accept all wishes I would not present my journey of sound anymore. I worked hard to reach my current status as an artist. That doesn’t mean I don’t play my music for the audience. I look always what is happening on the dance floor. In the end it’s my responsibility to keep the party going on.

Yes, you are right. Mine was a pretty reckless request but I must tell I was pretty drunk; it was my instincts talking not my logic. I would not like to be offensive against you as an artist.

So first step of our session is done. Let’s move to the second part and get things more casual.



2nd Part: Casual Questions

What type of music do you listen to in the shower (If you do listen in your shower routine)?

I don’t listen to music under the shower. Silence is welcome from time to time. 

What is your favorite breakfast meal?

Eggs. Sunny side up with toast.

Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?

Lately more tea, but I like coffee as well.

What is your favorite alcohol drink?

There is a very classical drink you get in good bars, called “Marlene Dietrich Cover”. It comes on a silver plate and contains a shot of vodka and a glass of champagne. I like them both. During the nights, I drink vodka or champagne and wine for dinner.

Do you have a weird tour habit? If you do, what is it?

I always take a book with me, but too often I don’t read it or forget it in the plane.

Do you have superstitions, totems or those kinds of acts you believe that bring luck or jinx? If you have, what are they?

Long time ago I’ve read the book ‘The Cosmic Ordering’ by Barbel Mohr. I kind of like the idea of ordering something from the universe. Sometimes I wish myself a parking lot and find totally funny when it works out. Even if it works only by accident, it is kind of interesting and worth to try.

What is your favorite club ever?

At the moment my favourites are La Fabrica in Cordoba (Argentina), Grelle Forelle in Vienna and Crobar in Buenos Aires.

What is your most embarrassing moment in life?

The hangover of the night before and I’m already on the way to the next gig.

Have you ever bought a gift for a women? If yes, what was it?

Yes, I bought and always buy gifts for the women I love. Surely it depends on the women, either I buy something she currently needs or I get a spontaneous present, if I see something that might fit her. I don’t necessarily need a reason like birthday, Christmas etc. to buy presents.


3rd Part: True – False

“I swear that the answers I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

I got busted while doing something illegal in once in my life.      True
I had my first with someone older than me.      False
There had been some tracks that made me think, “ I wish I produced that thing.”      False
Sometimes I get bored because of the over affinity of organization members when I am on tour and playing abroad.  True


4th Part: Notions

  • Anger: Computer crash before saving
  • Excitement: New destinations
  • Happiness: Family and friends
  • Lust: Erotic
  • Depression: A question of time
  • Agony: Getting up in the morning
  • Passion: Music
  • Separation/Rupture: Painful but necessary sometimes
  • Over-thinking: Makes sense

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