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– Hello Jérôme ! First of all thanks for the interview. Where do you answer our questions right now?

Helloo, You’re welcome ! Right now i’m in Farroupila in Brazil.. Just waiting for the second week end of my july tour here. 3 gigs are coming

– You will have a show in Istanbul soon. Have you ever visited our city? What are your expectations?

Yes I’m very excited to be back in Istanbul! I played there in february, at Follow Club. This was one of the best party of the year so far! I will meet the follow club team again, as I’ll be playing on their boat party on sunday 4. But it’s not the only place i’ll be playing in turkey on that week-end as I’ll be playing Mood Alaçati, in Izmir on fridau

If you made a ranking of your occupations, what would the first three would be? Where would you put making music in this list? Actually, my weeks I quite busy. I run my own cultural promotion company in my city, I take care of LouLou records and I play as a dj.

– Can you tell us a typical day of Jérôme Denis from waking up to going to bed again?

so, wake up call is round 8 in the morning! I go straight to my company to fix stuff etc.. It takes a bit part of the day. End afternoon I’m working for all music stuffs, label, prods, promos,… I try to keep some time to enjoy sport after everything.

– What is your favourite booze to warm up a party?

haha, this kind of secret! actually.. I use lot of tracks to be release on loulou records.. So here are my favorite tips.

Loulou Records - Rave Mag Interview

– Where exactly did your interest with music production first spark?

I start producing when I met Kolombo.. This was 15 years ago.. and the story is still here! we run loulou records together and we enjoy a lot working together! It’s a long and strong friendship

– What or who is the honorable cause(s) of your disco fusion?

It’s just about lot of influences… Just going out, meeting people, then… this happen, you got your music, your style

It says ‘Hard work, consistency, open-mindedness and excellent technical skills are the key ingredients for Loulou Players’ continued success within dance music.’ on your Facebook page. Do you think that this definition is also relevant for success?

I’m perfectly sure that work always pay! If you work strongly, One day, your expectations will come

Who do you enjoy following and checking in from time to time? For Sure Kolombo! as we are best friends, it’s always great time! I also enjoy following and party with Sharam Jey, Ante Perry, Amine Edge, ..

Any artists you would want to collaborate with at the moment? sure i would love to work with guys like Andre Crom, Teenage Mutants, Vanilla Ace,..

-Are there any musicians you prefer to listen at home when you want to relax as a man whose all time is spent at music studios or night clubs? Or are you looking for a total silence after a tiring day?

I listen to everything! but i’ve a preference for all disco-funk oldies

Brussels is like a birthplace for electronic music DJ’s and producers, there are many talented names. What can be the reason for this?

this comming from a huge culture of electronic music in our country. In the early 90′ Belgium has know the big boom of electronic music with new beat, acid, … So from this background are born lot of people interested in electronic music

-Do you look at the crowd’s reactions while playing on the stage?

I always look at the people! I try to find what they like

-Are there any non-electronical music idols for you?

Sure! Prince, Mj, James Brown, and many many more! Has I already tell u. I like to listen to everything

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Loulou Records - Rave Mag Interview

Loulou Records Interview - Rave Mag