Jon Rundell, who follows the electronic music scene from the very begining, came out as a techno music lover from the rave parties in South England. While he was trying to make his own music, he went to listen techno music legendary Carl Cox and also have the chance to meet him. After that he has offered by Carl Cox to work in his label Intec. As a result he has an huge entrance to the scene he is following! His interaction with the electronic music scene, he is been called one of the best remixer. “The diamond in the crowd” says Carl Cox for him and on the 19th of December he will be at RAW! But first, he has replied the questions that Rave Mag asked him!

How about we start off your background. How did you start making music?

I started out working with an engineer to begin with, just trying to get my ideas across as I didn’t know how to use the software back then. Years later I began to explore Logic more, took a quick course for a few weeks on it, and then sat and learnt it for another year at home, before then feeling confident enough to give out tracks I had made to anyone.

How did you get into the techno music scene? Have you always been into British electronic music scene?

I have been into the UK scene since I can remember, its where I grew up and was born so is the first place to look for music for me. I went to lots of big raves as they were called then, where techno, house, drum n bass, hardcore and all kinds of music were being played. The energy and groove of the techno is what hooked me in the most back then and continues to this day, although I do also like all the other styles of music.

When you are producing in the studio, how do you translate these inspirations into your music?

I just try things, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesnt then I keep it on file and go back to it later and try different things with it. Its all about what frame of mind your in really as to the direction things take when creating.

You’re known as very talented remixer into electronic music scene, what’s the creative process like for you, from getting the first brief to the final production?

Firstly I just listen to the original track and see which parts stand out for me and my style, if there are some then I feel I can do the mix. I will never use all the parts, just the ones I feel I can use that will compliment my style, as I will never also do a similar mix to the original, I dont see the point. If you check some of the mixes Ive done over the years there are downtemp, house, drum n bass and of course tech house and techno. I just do what feels right with the flow I have at the time.

Tell us a bit about Intec. How does it feel to co-head arguably one of the most definitive labels in techno?

It feels exciting. We just release music we feel can rock the dancefloors and connect with people. Thats it. If it helps define a scene or a genre, or how people feel then great ! Over the years we have been fortunate to have some amazing records released and we continue to look out for them!

What is in store for Intec nowadays? Do you have any huge releases we should keep an eye on?

Its coming to the end of the year so Im busy plannig next year mostly. The next EP is my Distorted View one out on Monday 8th December, then we have a really great EP from Carlo Lio on 22nd December to look out for.

What have been your favorite songs so far in 2014?

Loads, and not all techno either. I listen to lots of different music all the time, I find it helps me understand the essence of music itself more, and I like to anyway. I always have. Its too hard for me to say one track in particular though to be honest.

What’s the techno scene like in the UK at the moment?

Its in a good place. It was not so strong in the last years , lots of clubs that supported the music closed down, but the ones that remain are still doing a good job supporting the music. Clubs like Atomic Jam have just re opened though which is great news for us here !

You’ve peformed in lots of countries, but surely one of them is your best. Where is the best place you have played and what makes it so special?

Spain has always been great. My music always seems to go down well there, perhaps its the groove and percussion. Recently though, South America has been a fantastic experience each time. They feel special as everything just seems to work together, the people, the music, everyone just losing and enjoying themselves in it. Its great to see and feel.

Istanbul is a unique city which provides so much inspiration for many artists. What do you think about Istanbul? Do you know any Turkish producer/dj?

I played some years back and it was my first time. I found it a really interesting place as its not one I often get to experience. I can hear in the music I recevie that the inpiration is good. We have released some brilliant EP’s from Ferhat Albyrak in the last two years so we are fully behind the local people as much as possible.

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