Hernan Cattaneo, one of the most important DJs that South America presents to the electronic music stage, first stepped into the DJ world mixing his admiration of some names like Depeche Mode and New Order and Chicago and Detroit located house music producers of Frankie Knuckles, Inner City and Derrick May that he listened. Before his perfomance to be happened on Friday at Babylon, Hernan Cattaneo answered Rave Mag‘s questions.

You managed to build your profile and break into the major scene despite the geographical distance from the main markets. But in this case the internet is making it easier now. As a veteran DJ, do you have any advice for new DJ’s and producers?.

Personality is the most important thing for me. There are lots of others djs around , but most of them they just follow the trends. If you have your own identity , that will help a lot on being different and special.

From the time you put music your first residency at Pacha until today, you have seen some significant changes in the scene all over the world – new technologies, new ideas, new music genres. What is the time period that you were happiest? And what do you think the biggest changes in the electronic industry have been since you have first started?

I’ve always been happy. Every time it’s really interesting for different reasons. The biggest changes been the technological ones and of course, social media. That goes for DJs but also for everyone in the society.

Any record you listen.. What should be the specialities in it to get your attention and make you think it is valuable?

Groove & melody are the most important elements in music

According to recent numbers, vinyl sales has reached the higgest number in recent years. What do you think about future of vinyl?

It’s a very cool trend. It won’t make a real change in the future, but it’s nice to see so many people showing love.

Where is the best place for you to perform? A small club, open air, concert hall or festival?

Each one is different and gives you another experience. Small clubs are great for intimate atmospheres and deep music. Big festivals are great to feel a full on crowd and bigger stuff.

Tell us a bit about your record label Sudbeat. It has good improvement and introduces us new underground artists. Who should we look out for in 2015 and what releases can we get excited for?

We are working on a new edition of our main compilation series SUDBEATS. There we will showcase a lot of new producers from around the globe. Singles wise, we have a big selection coming including hot stuff from Guy J, Roi Okev & Hakimonu, Sahar Z, and many more…

Can you tell us a bit about your plans for 2015?

Just been in the Miami Music Week doing some great shows, and now ready for Europe in April, then back to South America for Tomorrowland Brazil and some other stuff around, and then back to Europe for the summer season. My resident show on Delta FM just reached 200 episodes, and the label been growing nonstop so expect a lot of new things coming.

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