e is the pioneer of the madness behind electronic music. Maybe not the only one but the most influential one. He created the sound of the future and now we are still dancing like crazy to his songs from 30 years ago. 75 years old Italian producer, composer, songwriter and lately DJ, Giorgio Moroder won three Academy and four Grammy Awards. He got his fourth Grammy Award on 2014 by being the composer, vocal and main personnel of Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ album which gained a worldwide success. Crazy grandfather of electronic music scene, answered the questions for Generic Music.

When you were in Germany for two years and sleeping in your car have you ever had that feeling that you are not gonna make it and you are not gonna earn so much money from music?

Very difficult…First of all I was very happy to make some money then. Because you have to start your career and it was not easy so I was happy actually to be able to drive with a car and than go home. I did not like to sleep in the car but sometimes it was late and you know you have a little too many drinks so I was sleeping in the car. In the winter it was cold… But I knew that one day I will be in Turkey and making a lot of money.

Only in Turkey?

No, the latest yes.

What was your biggest success in your life?

In music?gigorgio_moroder_1

I mean how do you define success?

Well the fact that I had several great songs that become hit and very popular. And to be able to play them now as a DJ songs which I composed 30 years ago…For now that’s the biggest success I have. 

What do you think about upcoming electronic music scene?

No idea. I would be so happy if I would know about the new artists and the songs coming out. Now with the synthesizers you have many many sounds but nothing is really that great and you can call “This is the sound of the future!” Maybe a different style of music, maybe a combination of different instruments could work. But for now I don’t know what is the sound of the future and if I would know it I would not tell you.  

Do you think that new technologies are helping electronic music scene to provide and making it easier to reach more people?

Well it is certainly much more easy. Because you know thirty, fourty or fifty years ago the only way you could listen to music was radio or TV. And if you are lucky maybe 45” vinyls. But now if you go to the internet you have hundreds of programs which you can listen the new songs and old songs. So that it is a really great time for music because of the variety of songs and an easy way to listen them all is absolutely fantastic.

Not just listening but also while making music?

Making music is always difficult but it is much more cheaper now. Because 30 years ago you needed musicians, you need the studio and all that stuff but now with a few thousand dollars you have a laptop, a microphone, a keyboard, headphones and you can make perfect sounds, perfect music, perfect songs if you are talented. If you are not it is still a long work.

gigorgio_moroderBut you would prefer to use analog wouldn’t you?

No I love digital. I started with analog but I was one of the first who used digital and the sound is good. Just a few days ago I composed a song for a very famous singer and for the chorus I used very big analog sound which was kind of retro 80’s. But usually I like digital. 

I thought that you would say analog is better.

No. I mean analog was then very interesting, very difficult to use because of the tuning and all that but now if you want to use digital but to have it sound analog that’s easy. There is no difference between an analog recording of the same song and the digital. So I am sorry but I’m into digital.

Your album just had released. What is your new projects?

The album came out two months ago. And there is a new single coming out in two weeks. I’m doing a video and the next single is probably be in December or maybe next year.

So nice to hear it! Thank you for your answers.

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