mika, a producer known for her badass music will be coming to Istanbul once again later this month. Before her Salon IKSV performance we wanted to talk to her about “Berlin”, “Sexism” and “Technology” in music.


First of all thank you for sparing time for us.

No worries!

Can you remember the moment you said “I have to make music!” or was it a period of time which shaped your career choices?

When I first heard David Bowie – China Girl when I was 12 years old, I asked my dad; ‘why does it sound that way’? And he then explained to me about echo and music producers and recording. That’s when I wanted to record my piano.

Being from Nottingham I have always been jealous of the Bristol sound. Bristol is special with acts like Massive Attack and Portishead. They changed the game completely. How did the Bristol sound influence your musical adventures?


You currently reside in Berlin. A city famous for it’s club culture. We recently talked with Alec Troniq and he stated that it is one of the greatest cities for music. What are your thoughts on Berlin’s club culture?

I think it’s boring and full of people who play characters and think they are very important. I think the fame has got to peoples heads and everyone is so cool now that it is all just depressing. Everyone thinks they are different, but they all wear black and have the same tattoos and piercings. I like raving and chatting shit with people and letting go and having a mad party and being silly. I don’t want to go to expensive famous clubs and drink Becks beer and pretend I am someone important. Boring!!!!!

Unfortunately sexism is buried deep into the music industry. How did you battle this inhumane topic?

It breaks me into tiny angry and sad pieces every day. Many problems come from this, but it is not going to ever stop me. I can deal with idiots and I can deal with sadness because I love what I do so much, and if someone does not understand me or is afraid of me, then I just want to make friends with them and teach them some new possibilities.

Education is the only way forward with sexism. You can look at my body and you can listen to my music and you can judge and doubt me. No worries! I learned my art and I learned my trade very well, and I never stop learning. Talent is freedom. No one can fire me or label me, because I don’t have any time to waste being pushed around. Life is fast, and I want to create as much beautiful music as I can. So you can join in and be nice, or leave me alone because I am busy doing nice projects.

We see that you have a blend of smooth and sharp creations in your pocket. Songs like “Double Edge” and “Battles” were sharp and dark whereas “Dilo 7” and “Wicked Games” were smooth and soft. What is Flashbacks going to be like?

Badass bass moody Emika shit. It features the soprano from my symphony which I cut up and sampled and melodies from my symphony too. Its the first record that really steps forward into its own space between my orchestra sound and electronic sound.

Recently you were in Prague for a whole new adventure. Being a part of a symphony and gaining insight for you projects. Did Prague open a new chapter in your life?

Yes. But it is deeper then that. I feel like I am finally on the right path. My first symphony is now recorded and it is so massive and so powerful thanks to all my fans who believed in me and paid for the recording through my Kickstarter crowd funding project. The people put me on the right path. This is pure music and pure passion, there is no machine or hype behind it. It’s pure creativity and it’s so unbelievable that it happened in this way. It makes me want to work harder and love harder and open my heart and mind to all people.

You stated that Flashbacks was filmed by two iPhone cameras. Do you think music videos are shifting towards a more simplistic act?

I had the option to pay thousands to a film company to produce a studio video with the ‘best’ cameras or to follow my own random idea and take some friends to Iceland for an adventure and try and make a video together. We are very privileged today, that complex technology is available and affordable. No one has to produce expensive art, many choose high production aesthetics because they also like designer cloths and to show off this stuff. But today, now, we can be free and creative like never before. It’s not about class or the industry, anyone can go out into the world and film on their phone and make what every they want. Yippee!

If you could describe “Flashbacks” as a painting what colours would you use?

Lots of silver, shadows, cloud, and white light. There is the absence of colour, it is all a blur. Check out the video, this is the inside on the outside.

We welcomed you to Istanbul last year and we have the honour to welcome you at Salon IKSV this month. We’re guessing you like our city. What do you think makes Istanbul different?

All religions and philosophers and cultures connect and meet in Istanbul. There are many beautiful things in Istanbul which have influenced the rest of the world. Istanbul is like looking into the heart of many different cultures.

One Word Questions:

Synthesizer – Orchestra

Bristol – Stoners

Dark – Past

Influence – Know yourself

Flashback –Time

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