he musician who conquered our hearts with his song “Mind Doodles” was our guest today. We talked about his personal life, music and German music culture.

We heard the name Alec Troniq when the song “Mind Doodles” by Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel appeared on our Spotify accounts. It’s a masterpiece. What are your thoughts on “Mind Doodles”?

It was the first song that I made with Gabriel Vitel three years ago. It arose from that mood of a youngster, having countless thoughts and questions in his mind, that are going in and out, whether relating to each other or not… and altogether they cause this tickling feeling that everybody knows and gives us good times. Since “Mind Doodles“ I have had great times with Gabriel on stage and in studios. We will work together even closer in the future.

Germany is known for it’s nightlife. Especially Berlin. How did the club culture affect your musical perception?

I’m from East Germany and the first musical perceptions of my childhood are directly enmeshed with the rise of techno during and after the german reunification. Growing up in that atmosphere of departure and curiosity, I was way too young for clubs. But those techno tapes expressed so much for me. As a kid I got totally lost in it without even knowing about people dancing in clubs, doing drugs. For me those things are not associated and so I’m always primarily affected by music, while I often sense the club culture as what people do around it. But of course later on I was pushed by the vibe of techno clubs and illegal events in the woods or off-locations with so many different styles of music, that I love. I’m interested in diversity, so I actually don’t like to follow those ones telling you, that there is that one and only hot thing in a certain place, excluding all the subcultures in the rest of the world. That’s what touring as a LiveAct still teaches me after so many years.

Could you name 3 clubs to visit in Germany?

I recently loved the nights at Weidendamm Hannover, Eulenglück Braunschweig and Lightplanke Bremen, when I played there. But as I said: keep your own eyes open. Maybe you’ll find the greatest night of the year in an old factory in that dark alley behind the coolest club in town.

Do you listen to any unexpected music genres? If you do, which artists are your guilty pleasure?

There are so many, that I can hardly tell. I like old stuff like Jazz, Blues, Funk and legends like Hendrix or Pink Floyd, but also modern rock music made by friends… and even some Indie Pop. My personal problem is: you can’t listen to other music while creating your own!

What’s your biggest fear?

Phew… depends. If we focus on music and art, I fear that really intense and mind-blowing works by great artists will drown in huge floods of shiny marketing nonsense.

Why would you like to play in Istanbul?

I often read and have heard about the multicoloured city with its history, fusing so many cultures. I imagine the townsfolk as open-minded by nature. This must be the best environment for a massive club culture, I guess.

Do you listen to any Turkish bands or artists?

To be honest I don’t know so much about the artists I like and of which nationality they are. I must have some Turkish artists in my DJ bag 🙂

Are you a summer person or a winter person?

I’m a spring person!

Becoming a musician is hard. Families don’t tend to like the idea of their children becoming an artist. What would be your advice to young musicians?

Do it from passion and go your own way as long as it makes you happy, without trying to become a superstar. Keep in mind: popularity is a fickle bitch. As a musician it’s hard to fit the needs and structures of society, economy or the public authorities. But no one should tell you, what you want or how to live your life.

How does it feel when you see your fans really enjoying themselves at your concerts? Is it the best feeling in the world?

Absolutely, because when I see or hear them acclaiming my stuff, their vibes are reflected on me, which causes a more passionful performance again. This can become a “spiral of pleasure“. That sounds spiritual… and in some cases it is, indeed 🙂

And finally: Have you achieved what you wanted in your musical career or are you still on the way to your dreams?

Being on my way is great, keeping all those powerful moments with dancing people, without worrying so much about success and career. I’m looking forward to experience more and more crazy people in even more countries.

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