How did the band get together?

We met four years ago but first time didn’t think of playing together. Our guitarist Andrew visited one of the Gregory’s (frontman) gigs with his previous band, and they got to know each other. Then Greg came to one of the Andrew’s gigs and thought up that he might want to play with that young guy, who did unbelievable jumps on stage along with playing solos. Later Timmy (bass) and Mitt (drums) joined the band. We wanted to play covers on Muse, each of us liked this band so much, probably loving Muse was the main reason we got together. Further on we decided to switch from covers to our own music and started creating new demos and re-arranging the old ones left form the bands we used to play in. In half a year we played supporting OneRepublic and it was a blast! After that we decided to make music our profession 100%.

How do you define Indies’ sound?

The best is to say that we define our music as the music we could listen to and like ourselves. It is quite eclectic and differs a bit in sound with every new track, or better say with our every new stage of creative life. We used to be an alternative band but as time goes we turn to more electro-pop sound. When we create music we try to find out what potential is hidden in the demo and what sound is more suitable to it, regardless radio format or modern trends. Our latest big achievement – the song ‘Emotional Billionaire’ – has a big 80s disco vibe, though pretty up-to date bass line and vocal production, songs like ‘Butterfly Heaven’ or ‘Invocation’ have classic rock approach. On the contrary, our brand new track which is to come out in July will be an electronic Summer dance floor song.

INDIES_Moscow_indie_groupDo you have a band leader or you work corporately?

Basically Gregory does most of the demos, he brings a new song to rehearsal and we together try to figure out what kind of arrangement would suit. He likes to experiment with the sound and always comes out with something new. Anyway, a lot of time can pass from demo to final studio recording, when the track undergoes production we can use help of some friendly production studios, or major producer who agrees to take it up. Our latest collaboration was with Craig Porteils – an acclaimed Australian producer, he took “Emotional Billionaire” at the stage of mixing and put some of his magic into the sound we recorded in Moscow.

Where do you gain your inspiration from? Do you have a concern for being different?

Inspiration can be found literally everywhere. A pleasant weather, some good news or even bad, a book you’ve read or a film you’ve watched – we think inspiration is not a thing you should wait for a long time and then suddenly it appears and you create a masterpiece. No. You just work, do your job, if you can’t write stuff, you work on production or learn some new things, you should not be stuck at one place, but always try to develop personally, professionally in every way and aspect of life. And inspiration will come for sure. Our best tracks (form our perspective) are created in one short moment but to create them some background has to be founded. About concern for being different or say to find something new in sound – we think it’s mostly a concern of radio bosses and producers, we just try to feel the trends but not follow them fanatically because at one point you may lose yourself in this race.

VkExK2Y_s-0Where ‘Indies’ see themselves 5 years later? Do you have a dream for being a world star?

Well, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t dream of international popularity. Actually the fact that we’re giving interview to Turkish magazine can be seen as on of the first steps to ‘INDIES world domination’ (ha-ha). Actually we’re very pleased that Turkey is among the first countries that put such an attention to our music and we were really happy to know it, because we love Turkey – it’s land, culture and how your roots are historically connected with Russian.

About 5 years perspective – we’d like to visit most of the countries in the world, even the smallest, we’d be the happiest people to know that our music is known and loved by a person in a distant piece of earth somewhere far away, we just want to be as big as possible and we’ll work on it hardly. It is a dream coming true and this feeling is amazing.

What do you think about copyright issue which has been in music sector agenda lately? How do you comment for artist who distribute their work as free and become popular in short time?

We live in the era of fast internet and information avalanches everyday, more and more things are bought digitally and the music has become one of the most vivid sectors of internet downloads. Big percentage of content is downloaded for free because of piracy or some other reasons, thus the main way to earn money for most of musicians is just touring, giving more gigs as possible. It’s one of the reasons musicians choose to distribute their debut works for free, but the other reason is that few people would buy tracks of the artist they don’t know, so when they make it free they just choose the faster way of gaining the audience. Time goes really fast today and everyone wants to get everything soon. Free distribution for young artists is quite reasonable these days.

Do you have new works to be released in near future?

Yes, as we’ve just said we plan to release a summer dancy song but that’s one of the closest plans. Better be said – we’ll write and record more music and do more gigs, do our best to bring our music closer to more people all over the world!

Thank you for this interview, it was pleasure to answer these questions!