1) At first, could you introduce  yourself for us? Who is Florian Bühler?

So, what I can say about myself is that I’m quite a normal guy living in Stuttgart, studying Business and Engineering and trying to have a little fun at the same time 😉

2) Could you tell us how your relationship with electro music has started?

When I first came to Stuttgart, a night in a club where Richie Hawtin was playing introduced me to the electronic music scene. I think we could call that my “key experience”, because I actually been listening to HipHop before! So it not just did introduce me to electronic music, it even changed my entire taste of music. Another thing to mention about my growing interest in electronic parties is that I so enjoy the atmosphere and the way how people are tolerant towards everybody – totally in contrary to HipHop or other music genres if you ask me.


3) How has your interest turned to electronic music deejaying? Could you tell us about the process?

I started to go out more often to techno clubs and my interest grew bigger and bigger. Soon it wasn’t enough anymore to just be able to listen to electronic music in clubs, i wanted to enjoy it in my everydaylife and create my own sound as well. So this led to my first DJ equipment – which was quite cheap, but enough for me at that time J – and I started getting acquainted with my ability to form own music sets out of different tracks. The very beginning of my development as a DJ was actually that I played for my friends here and then at private parties. I didn’t have to wait long for my first booking…I reckon people simply liked what I was doing J I ended up to play at several parties, in different clubs, the bookings got more and more. Also online I found quite a few people who seemed to like the music I was playing.

4) Electronic music is quite a branching structure. Which attributes you want to use your own music?

I put my focus on “Techhouse”, always being varying, creative and melodic. In my opinion it’s most important to constantly raise tension to create a special and exuberant atmosphere among the crowd.

5) I had the chance to listen you many times, I would say for myself that you are so capable and you have played many clubs in Stuttgart. What is next step for Florian Bühler? 

You always have to aim high to get closer to what you really wanna achieve. So I aim high by trying to get as many connections as I can get and by always looking for something new to show up with when I’m deejaying. It’s in a way a never ending innovation you have to keep up to, otherwise you just fail and bore everybody. This is my “engine” so to say, because there are loads of competitors who force me to stick with them.

6) Last week, you had a performance at HGM radio station. It was a different project for you. What do you think about this kind of projects? Will you continue to play music at radio stations?

It’s been a different experience for me, but i prefer having an audience I can see and hear. It’s a kind of satisfaction to see all those people celebrating the music I’m playing in my own personal way. Nevertheless, doing different things and presenting myself in many different ways like in this case (playing in radio) is a good way to promote myself and my music. It may reach a broader audience, which I hopefully see the next time I’m playing in a club 😉

7) If we compare with ten years ago, people’s interest in electro music, we can see a big improvment about electro music popularity. Especially in Germany, it is more visible than the others. What do you think about that situation?

What can I say, we can start here at many points and arguments. Just have a look at Ibiza and Berlin, where it is actually that popular that it even slowly turns to mainstream. On one hand I like seeing as many followers as possible, on the other hand I really don’t want it to become mainstream and loose its distinctiveness.

8) If we want to do you a short playlist with five songs, which song would you pick?

There are no songs I’m prefering in particular because this kind of music has to change everyday, if you ever stop seeking to find new tracks and new sounds you completely lost its sense. Like I said before. This type of music lives in the moment.

9) Electro music is growing in Istanbul, it is moving on slowly but surely. If you have a chance to play in Istanbul, would you accept this? May be we can arrange an event for Rave Mag readers, why not?:)

Of course! I would so love to play in Istanbul because I always feel the need to spread my music all over the world. And – not necessary to mention actually – to see all the new turkish friends I’ve made in Germany again! It would be an honour to me to see you guys over there and play for you.

Thank you for taking the time to interview us

Taner Turna